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Foam Filter System
An incredible new wave of gutter protection. Invisible. Effective. Affordable.

We use a top of the line product that fits inside all makes and models of gutters and is completely invisible from below.

It will protect your gutters from dirt, leaves, and debris while the non-absorbent foam material will let water flow through with ease. This foam guard is long lasting and requires no drilling, screws, or clamps. Works with all types of roofing material; asphalt shingle, wood shake, metal, slate, ect.

Gutter Foam Filter eliminates costly ice damming by keeping your gutters free flowing year round.  Because it completely seals out leaves and debris it also prevents birds, bees and mosquitoes from entering and breeding in your gutters.


Gutter Foam Filter will not collapse or become dislodged.  Its soft texture cannot be damaged by falling tree debris unlike aluminum covers, and there are no screws to fix to the roof. Gutter Foam Filter won’t crack, crumble, dent, bend, or cave in. It simply sits in your gutters year after year: performing.

Without a doubt, Gutter Foam Filter  is the most practical type of leaf protection system, by far the easiest to install, and very cost effective when compared to aluminum gutter covers and guards.

Why should you choose a foam filter for your gutter protection?


            Custom made from polyether outdoor durable foam - innovative and affordable protection.

            Seals out leaves while allowing large volumes of water to flow through quickly.

            Suitable as coarse pre-filter for rainwater catchment and rainwater harvesting.

            Invisible form street level, will not diminish your homes curb appeal.

            Extra surface coating includes fire retardant compound.

            Prevents mosquitoes from breeding in the gutter.

            Germicide coating to protect against the growth of moss.

            UV Protection for added durabilty.


Available in 3 different shapes to fit your gutter system.


Width sizes available 4", 5", 6", 7", 8"

Product Information:

Manufactured from exterior-grade poly-ether foam filter, Gutter Foam Filter has been tested in the harshest weather conditions for many years with no failure in performance or durability. Gutter Foam Filter's  inherent properties prevents fungus, mold, or mildew from forming. Gutter Foam Filter  makes it virtually impossible for leaves to enter the gutter so your gutters are always clean and free-flowing.  Gutter Foam Filter  seals out all debris while allowing an enormous volume of water to flow through quickly.

WARNING: Not all gutter foam is the same.  At least 3 grades of foam are manufactured; we sell ONLY the 10 Year and the  25-Year Warranty grade.  You CAN buy slightly cheaper “look-alike” foam online or at your local box store with a 0-5 year warranty.  DO NOT BE FOOLED; don’t waste your money.

You don’t need new gutters; you don’t need products that are nailed or screwed to your roof. What you need is a simple, inexpensive, physical barrier that keeps everything out of your gutters except water. What you need is Gutter Filter Foam.

Manufacturing Equipment:


Our manufacture uses only state-of-the-art foam cutting machines for exact tolerances to keep the consistency of the filter and to cut custom sizes.

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