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Gutter Cleaning

Overflowing Gutter

Stop climbing that ladder!   Let us get your gutters clean.

Gutter cleaning is one of the worst jobs that a home-owner has to tackle and no one in the family enjoys doing it. However, cleaning your gutters can be one of the most cost-effective, preventative maintenance tasks you can perform. It will save you money and un-wanted headaches down the road. We are your gutter cleaning experts. Our professionals will clean out your gutters and give you peace of mind. No more climbing ladders or digging out muck and dead leaves.Schedule gutter cleanings twice a year: Spring time and in the fall after the leaves have dropped.


Let us do the hard work while you stay safely on the ground.

Call today for a free estimate.

Clogged Gutters

What to expect when having your gutters cleaned by River City:

  • A thorough cleaning of all gutters

  • Downspouts are cleared of all debris

  • Overall inspection of your rain gutter system

  • Clean-up and removal of debris.

Clean, Clean, Clean...
Gutters fill with leaves and other debris and become clogged especially if you have trees nearby. Just ask gutter installers. They'll tell you that you should clean your gutters a minimum of  twice a year, once in the spring after the trees bud out, and once in late fall after the leaves drop. Now in the Northwest if you have fir or cedar trees, it becomes every quarter. That's a lot of trips up and down a ladder, and few of us are that disciplined. But clogged gutters overflow, soak the siding and cause paint to peel, dampen basements, erode foundations, splash against the building and rot wood. Look for early signs of clogged gutters, erosion in the flower beds or stain/streaks on the gutter and fascia.

Save yourself the headache of water damage by keeping your rain gutters clean and in good working order. Let River City Roof & Gutter take this dangerous, messy job off of your plate by scheduling your cleaning today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Stop Climing that ladder, let us clean your gutters!

Full Gutters
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