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Why should you clean your gutters and downspouts?
If the gutters are full and the downspouts are clogged will be unable to function properly. Water will overflow and may cause damage to the building surfaces, landscaping, and to the gutter system itself. The weight from the gutter can cause it to pull away and eventually fall off.

Over time some gutters can become so clogged with organic muck and debris that small trees will grow in the gutter. Ignoring the task can cause numerous problems such as rotted fascia boards, water damage to the walls and siding, roofs, and foundations. These problems can be very expensive in the long run.   Check out our photo gallery>>

Why is it important to treat moss?

In the Pacific Northwest, with our climate, it’s important to stay on top of what keeps your home dry in the winter and shaded in the summer. Removing moss from a roof is an important maintenance task that will help extend the life of the shingles and roof structure. Whether you do this project yourself or hire a professional, this task may need to be done as frequently as once a year (depending upon your regional climate). Actually removing the moss requires using the correct tools and supplies as it can be easy to damage the roof shingles while removing moss.

As a species, moss is an admirable bryophyte and historically it has been used as bandaging material. In fact, in World War I, it was considered an important element in successful wound care as it is naturally absorbent and some varieties contain antimicrobial effects against bacteria and fungi, which promoted antisepsis. However, on a roof structure it can cause serious damage over time, potentially leading to water leaks inside the home or the need for a whole roof replacement.

Some roofs are so heavily laden with moss that it might take a combination of efforts to completely remove the moss. Since scraping can harm some shingle material, the preferred method is a chemical action sometimes followed by a gentle physical removal process. If you have a metal roof, you probably won’t have to worry about moss growth as often as an asphalt or cedar shingle roof. But metal roofs still need maintenance and regular cleaning so that algae and moss don’t become a problem.     Check out our photo gallery>>

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