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Double Mesh Screens
Our most popular gutter protection.

We use double screen with a mesh wire to help protect your gutters and save you cleaning costs. Keeps out all the fir, cedar and pine needles. Protects your drain system and keeps you off the ladder.

This snap-in gutter filter works well against leaves, pine needles and other trees that shed small seedlings. The filter simply slides under the shingles and snaps to the lip of your existing gutter. No drilling or screws!

It is made of a UV protected rigid vinyl for durabilty. A vinyl coated fiberglass mesh is laminated to the gutter guard to keep out the smallest on debris.

Our double mesh guards are NOT made from the cheaper window screen mesh that is easily damaged. These fit onto your exsisting gutters without the use of screws. The mesh screen lays flat on your exsisting gutters, keeping your curb appeal.

These function like screens, but with the mesh screen they block all but the smallest debris. The tiny spaces in the mesh won’t clog with seeds and needles, but they can fill with small particles like shingle grit. Fine-mesh gutter guards, like all gutter protection, will still need an occasional cleaning.

Sizing and colors available:

Size: 3 foot sections

Colors: White & brown

Description: Rigid exterior vinyl with snap clip design

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